Social Media Services

In the modern age of economic development, it is critical that organizations remain competitive through robust websites and social media marketing. These tactics have become standard amongst many economic development agencies. 

For this reason 310Ltd and its expert partner HD Web Studio, offer four distinct social media services to help provide a level playing field for with other economic development agencies.

Social Media Analysis GraphicSocial Media Analysis

The social media analysis will include reviewing the website and social media channels currently being utilized by the organization.  The review will include an outline of how the organization is performing in regards to leveraging the “the big 4” media channels plus a realistic assessment of readily accessible content, pictures, video and more to determine the feasibility of future media up-keep.



Social Media Setup GraphicSocial Media Setup

This plan is perfect for the organization that is currently not leveraging social media as part of their recruitment efforts. Setup would include page creation for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Each social media page will be created to provided consistent branding and cross-promotion across each platform and the website. 



Social Media Marketing PlanSocial Media Marketing Plan 

A social media marketing strategy will be provided to the client based on the individual strengths of the organization and target markets that have been identified. 310Ltd's partner, HD Web Studio, will train the organization regarding best practices for post content and consistency. 




Social Media Maintenance GraphicSocial Media Maintenance

310Ltd and HD Web Studio will manage the social media maintenance of "the big 4" channels based on the social media marketing strategy. This service is offered at a monthly rate and is beneficial for clients that would like to see examples of posting prior to taking ownership or do not have enough staff to maintain social media activity. The client is responsible for providing content to 310Ltd and HD Web Studio as needed for this service to be successful.