Lead Generation Intelligence System (LGIS)

LGIS Do-It-Yourself Prospecting

Is Do-it-Yourself prospecting possible? Is it possible to distill 310 Ltd's years of economic development prospecting experience and hours of real time conversations with executives into an easy to use prospecting system? It sure is. And why would we do that? Two main reasons:

  • More and more developers have indicated they want to -- or need to -- conduct prospecting themselves.

  • Today's world of restricted budget dollars and a heightened urgency to grow local jobs.

To make in-house telephone prospecting possible, 310 Ltd. introduces our lead generation intelligence system, LGIS. 310 Ltd's LGIS makes in-house telephone prospecting easily doable with its combination of Customer Response Management-like [CRM] data capture fields and calendaring, plus script prompts that help overcome objections and remind the prospector to cover key topics during the executive conversation.

Many prospecting systems have been adapted from corporate sales processes and don't transition well to economic development marketing. LGIS is an easy to use do it yourself prospecting solution that ensures control over the entire prospecting process from the initial call to the executive feedback. Its notebook style, tabbed format and easy to follow guides are designed to parallel the phone prospecting process. Users of LGIS value the system's customized prompts on what to say and when to say it that aid in the capture of information and provide a detailed plan requirement checklist. With LGIS your calling team is productive day-one.

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