Global Location Link Process

Global Location Link consists of six interlocking elements:

1. Determine the Target Audience.

We will target four E.U. countries each calendar year and deliver a marketing message to key decision makers in those countries. 310 Ltd. has partnered with an established data source in Europe to build an accurate and qualified database of 40,000 E.U. executives. Our parameters: We will contact only companies that have $20 million or more in annual gross revenue, have 20 or more employees, and export goods and services to other countries. These companies will be involved in the advanced-manufacturing or professional-services sectors. And none will have a U.S. parent.

2. Deliver the Message.

Global Location Link will make the case for investing in the U.S. through mail, the Web, email and personal communications. The process will begin with a professionally executed, variable-data mail piece delivered to the European executive, directing him or her to a personalized page on the Global Location Link website. Our proprietary content will promote the value of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States by illuminating the advantages of doing business here. Executives visiting the site can peruse information about our featured locations, and will be directed to micro-sites built for each location. These micro-sites will provide participants a platform to promote their locations, highlight their unique assets and link to their own websites.

3. Establish an Interactive Relationship.

Global Location Link will create numerous opportunities to establish interactive relationships with visiting European executives as a means of nurturing leads. Executives will experience the following:

  • A personalized welcome page.
  • Email access to reports, statistics, white papers and other resources compiled by 310 Ltd. along with our analysis and commentary on FDI opportunities in the U.S.
  • A page where executives can submit site-location questions to 310 Ltd. When appropriate, we will share these questions with participating economic developers for a viewpoint from their state or region.
  • Access to the micro-sites of featured U.S. locations.

4. Lead Nurturing Outreach.

Global Location Link has developed a computer-assisted methodology for monitoring the activity of potential prospects and then communicating with them through the Web, email and over the phone. We score a prospect based upon his or her interaction with the website: clicking links, downloading content, visiting the micro-sites or providing information. 310 Ltd. uses that score to prioritize its follow-up contacts, including emails and personal phone calls.

5. Deliver Qualified International Prospects and Inquiries.

As a prospect's interest crystallizes, 310 Ltd. will establish personal contact to validate site location criteria. Some companies may require a specific U.S. location to accomplish their plans; others may be more open to suggestion. 310 Ltd. will assess the prospect and match its requirements with appropriate locations. Economic development partners who participate in Global Location Link will enjoy preferential access to prospects whose site criteria match up with their assets. They will receive a detailed Corporate Prospect Profile outlining the company's stated requirements. The prospect will be invited to participate in a conference call with the Economic development partner arranged by 310 Ltd.

6. Provide Accountability through Monthly Reporting.

All visitor activity will be compiled, reviewed and summarized in a dashboard accessible by any Global Location Link partner. GLL's web analysis engine can produce graphical reports on each micro-site's activity, providing insight into which messages and categories of content prospects consider valuable.