Global Location Link

International Prospecting on a Dime

Global Location Link (GLL) connects you to international executives who are considering FDI in the United States. GLL provides participating U.S. economic developers with tangible investment prospects culled from a pool of 40,000 European Union business executives.

Ourinnovative multi-channel marketing program integrates direct mail, Web content creation, proprietary Web traffic analytics, a unique personal-contact program and long-term lead nurturing to identify European businesses with an interest in expanding or relocating to the U.S. market.

This year the program will target four European Union nations: the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. 310 Ltd. will monitor executive responses daily and nurture companies until they are ready to initiate a U.S.location search.

310 Ltd.'s economic development partners will enjoy preferential access to business intelligence generated through the lead nurturing program. As a bonus, economic developers will get their message, via customized micro-sites in Global Location Link, in front of the E.U. executives in the early stages of their site-location decision-making process.

Join Global Location Link and put your location on the FDI radar -- reach international decision makers every single day. Take a moment to learn how this cost-effective program can add jet fuel to your international outreach strategy. For a demonstration please contact 310 Ltd. at 1.800.275.3953