Continuous Target Prospect Identification

310 Ltd. prides itself on the expertise and depth of knowledge of our analysts. Experienced in all target sectors -- from service, scientific to industrial -- our in-house team performs detailed research to produce the highest quality targeted data and then they validate the findings through personal, executive-level telephone conversations. Their skilled, in-depth discussions uncover prospect opportunities for your team to pursue.

The Process

Throughout our process companies are identified that have interest and potential for your location. These lead opportunities are delivered as detailed written profiles, each noting company background, executive contact details, and particulars on plans for growth, infrastructure and workforce skill requirements -- locations under consideration are also noted. Due diligence to include searches on current newswire articles plus public revenue and growth rankings is also performed for each profile.

the process


Making The Connection

As a unique, valued-added feature, you may also consider including 310 Ltd's service of linking the prospect and your team through an introductory telephone meeting that 310 Ltd will host. This feature ensures a connection is made for every prospect opportunity that we deliver.

make the connection


We Are Your Partner

As a client of 310 Ltd we are your partner. If we were not confident of the quality of our deliverables, we would not make our "linking" option available. With this feature, we clearly demonstrate our 'skin-in-the-game' attitude to facilitate your success.