Camoin / 310ltd Merger

Comprehensive business intelligence for boundless economic opportunities.


In early 2019, Camoin Associates acquired 310 Ltd., creating the only full-service economic development consulting and business investment lead generation firm in the country.


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Our clients now have a single source solution for gathering business information, attracting and retaining investment and jobs, and developing strategic initiatives. In its most basic form, the acquisition of 310 Ltd. will expand our range of services to include business attraction prospecting, surveying, and tactical marketing approaches for economic development organizations and private firms. But its more than that. The marrying of our capabilities will provide greater analytical resources for zeroing in on business retention and attraction prospects, and enhance our ability to access business executives for greater industry intelligence that will support our cluster studies and economic development strategies. 

In short, by combining staff expertise and experience, the services we can now offer will be expansive. 

Both Camoin and 310 offices and our respective teams will remain and continue to grow in their current locations, and, behind the scenes, Rob, Debbie and staff will be working collaboratively to enhance our service offerings. We look forward to offering clients a new take on best practice analytics and outcomes. 



  • World-class analytics.

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  • Real, measurable results.

  • Prospect identification programs – domestic and international
  • BRE/industry retention campaigns
  • Site Location Consultant targeting for introductions and ‘familiarization’ tours
  • Special event promotion and RSVP gains
  • Appointment setting for trade shows and conference meetings
  • On-location representation of campaigns
  • Industry Sector Research & Supply Chain Analysis
  • Economic Development Strategic Planning
  • Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Real Estate Market Analysis & Financial Feasibility
  • Workforce Development
  • Economic & Community Development Financing
  • Performance Measurement & Benchmarking
  • Leadership and Organization Management
  • Marketing, Communications & Engagement




Contact us to see how we can propel your organization's goals.

We'd love to tell you more. Clients – past, present, and potential – are encouraged to reach out to Debbie Kurtz at dkurtz@310ltd.com or 804-422-0310 or Robert Camoin at 518-487-9587 or rcamoin@camoinassociates.com.