About 310 Ltd.

Since 1999 our team has evolved best practice applications in research and forged direct access to the perspectives of senior corporate executives. The probing executive-level conversations of 310 Ltd analysts get on-point quickly. With expert precision, they assess corporate plans so that opportunities can be identified. It's no small task to be adept at marketing states, regions and foreign locations of all shapes and sizes. We are up to the task and prepared to earn your business.

310 Ltd's analysts have extensive management experience in a variety of industries. We communicate complex business concepts, think on our feet, unearth genuine business intelligence, and deliver insight as well as opportunities.

We would welcome an opportunity to be on your marketing team. And should you decide to collaborate with 310 Ltd, take a look at the key staff who will be working for you.

Continuous Project Oversight

Debbie Kurtz, President

A respected expert in the field of economic development marketing, as well as the practices of product positioning and sales, Debbie has carved out a niche in designing and implementing business development strategies that address the unique needs of marketing locations. Debbie's own experience includes more than 19 years of sales and marketing management, 12 of which are specific to economic development. Prior to opening the doors of 310 Ltd in July 1999, she worked as the marketing manager for the state of Virginia's economic development agency - the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. While in this position, she established an in-house market outreach program that contributed - in measurable results - to the creation of jobs and inward investment to the state.

In this capacity Ms. Kurtz was responsible for lead generation both domestically and overseas; for the latter she worked through the state's satellite offices located in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Ms. Kurtz Degrees, Certifications and Appointments: Master's Degree University of North Carolina, Coursework completed in Economic Development Institute of the University of Oklahoma, appointed Economic Development Marketing Committee on the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce.

Key 310 Staff

Karen Meier, Vice President, Operations

Karen's responsibilities include client relationship management, data research and compilation and daily project oversight. Karen joined 310 Ltd in 2000 as manager of research and continues to oversee this most important service component of 310 Ltd. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking. She has managed large-scale marketing & research projects for 310 Ltd's domestic and international clients to include United Kingdom Trade & Investment, Invest Italy as well as our state and metropolitan clients.

Wes Edwards, Vice President, Business Development

Wes brings 11 years of business development, marketing and economic development experience to the 310 management team. His experience also includes 18 years of military and civilian law enforcement, with a specialization in intelligence, investigations, and high-risk tactical operations. Wes' responsibilities include client development, corporate research and intelligence gathering for both our domestic and international clients; he is seasoned in the skill of prospect identification and over the past years has worked with many 310 Ltd. clients to identify qualified opportunities. Wes is a native of Richmond, Virginia.

Research & Corporate Profiling

William H. Neal III, Senior Research Associate

William brings to 310 Ltd's research department more than 30 years experience with companies and non-profits across a variety of industries and pursuits. Whether working with FORTUNE 50 financial institutions or start-ups in banking, education, and civil engineering, his ability to accumulate, assimilate, and communicate mission-critical information has advanced the interests of the enterprise and its clients. William is a graduate of Davidson College and has completed post-graduate, industry-specific programs at the McIntyre and Darden schools at the University of Virginia.

New Business Analysts

Analysts are full time employees of 310 Ltd knowledgeable of a wide array of industry sectors and adept at probing conversations with executive level decision makers. Analysts validate and assess opportunities for growth and corporate change plans.

Chris Wilk, Account Manager

With almost a decade in employee communication support services, Chris' intimate knowledge of back office operations and corporate training for national retail giant Wal-Mart now produce effective approaches for 310 Ltd. call analysts. Chris' responsibilities include location marketing, product positioning and project management.

Pat Stanley, Senior Analyst

A long term employee of 310Ltd since 2008, Pat is a prospector par excellence and not only is assigned to prospect for campaigns, but provides call leadership to our newer staff. Pat came to us from a similar in-side sales position with a global brand name company well known for its IT and cloud computing services.